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Valet Parking

Valet Parking is a personal service. The Valet is the first and last person to see your customer or guest. United Valet Inc offers professional, courteous, prompt service to provide a positive experience.

Through our years of experience we have learned that our first priority is your guest, your business, and you, our client. We want you to know that you can be comfortable and your customers can be confident when leaving their vehicle in our care. We take pride in our staff by ensuring a professional appearance and dressed in a custom uniform that lets you know they are there to serve.

United Valet Inc is committed to excellence. Our attendants act as a front line host for your event. Whether it is daily business parking, special events, private parties, conventions, fundraisers, or religious functions, they provide a welcoming service directing your guests where to go and answer any questions they may have.

United Valet Inc has been providing complete valet parking services for many years for:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Condominiums
  • Shopping Centers
  • Special Events

Attendants are always prepared with security, umbrellas, key box, valet signs, litter bins, jump box, lockout kit, cones, and anything else you may require. Additionally, they are trained to handle shuttle service pick up and drop of, handle traffic direction and assist with any special needs.

You can trust United Valet Inc to be your partner and take the worry out of your valet parking needs.

If you are considering adding valet parking to your business or already have valet parking and want to make it better, call us today at 248-667-6924 to get a quote for services